Doctor Who at MIT?!?!

DoctorWhoMIT1-thumb-550x412-45624(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

With the latest season of ‘Doctor Who’ in the books and the highly anticipated Doctor Who Chirstmas special on it’s way, whats a Time Lord to do? Well it looks like he’s headed to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why you might ask? To check out the ladies of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of course. Well, not really.

A few days ago, Melanie McCue spotted the iconic little police box on the rooftop of MIT. Now before you start making a pilgrimage to the land of balanced arts & sciences, it turns out it’s just one of many pranks played every year at the start of each academic year.Yes, this is the same school that turned the entire Massachusetts Avenue-facing 4th-floor side of MIT’s Stratton Student Center (Building W20) into a Cylon eye scanner from Battlestar Galactica. Hell, it doesn’t take a sonic screwdriver to see this isn’t the real TARDIS either.

If you look really close at the front door, you can see the words FREE FOR USE OF HACKERS and DO NOT OPEN, you just can’t make out what’s in between. If you happen to be heading to Cambridge this week and you wanna see this for yourself take a look. Just remember that you have a better chance of watching the Doctor’s booty call with his companion than going on an adventure with him (and that video is on youtube).

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