Leave it to Hollywood to try to make a movie out of something that got popular in no time. It seems that we may be getting a possible movie adaptation of Rockstars recent hit western game, Red Dead Redemption, and that Brad Pitt may be out John Marston (the main character of the game). If you haven’t played the RDR game, it’s an open world game set in the old west of 1911. The game has been selling well and has received many good reviews so it may not be a big surprise that Hollywood wants to make a movie out of it.

What do you guys think? You think Hollywood will be faithful and produce a good western flick or are we going to get something crappy since that is the faith of most video game movies? If this does indeed happen, I would like to see some people jumping off cliffs with their horses and see the awesome rag doll mechanic work its magic.

Source: Latino Review

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