Marvel Comic writer Stan Lee, who has parts in upcoming movies ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’, was interviewed yesterday by Moviefone about what he thinks of comic book movies.  There’s been a lot of debate on the topic recently, spurned by really horrific comic book movies and then some really amazing ones.  Let’s see where this prolific comic expert stands.  Quotes taken directly from the interview.

When asked “But there seems to be so many superhero movies these days; do you think audiences will ever reach a breaking point?”

Only when the writers run out of ideas. I’ll give you an example: Ever since I can remember, and I can remember a long way back, there have been gangster movies. There have been movies about, you might say, cops and robbers — movies involving detectives, police and criminals. Now, they still have movies like that. You would say, “Well, isn’t the public sick of seeing cops chasing the bad guys on the screen?” Not if it’s done well and not if each story contains some surprises.

Next comment by the interviewer was: I think I’m going to have to agree with you, because there are bad comic movies, and then there are good comic movies.

Of course, and that goes for everything. There are great romance movies and there are some that are corny. Everything depends … Well, now with movies it depends on more than just the story. You start off with the story, but it depends on the right casting, the right directing and the right camera work. Entertainment has become so complex now. But ,again, if everything comes together well, then the public enjoys it whatever it is.

Interesting question: Did you ever imagine in the ’60s that any of this would reach the level that it has? Did you hope that it would?

I never even thought about it. I’ve said this so often: In those days, we just hoped that the comics would sell and we’d keep our jobs and be able to pay the rent. I mean, I never could have envisioned that it would turn into something like this.

Mr. Lee has some interesting opinions but comic book movies will eventually become old hat.  Not because the characters and plot ideas aren’t amazing, but because the directors and producers and entire production companies keep making bad decisions.  Mark my words!  Mark them, I say!

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