Laser Guns Added to Olympics


It’s finally happened! They’ve blended in sports with a Nerdbastard retrograde science! Imagine Star Wars mixed into The Olympics, by way of  a competitive edge to their using a blaster. Clumsy and random no more! These blasters may not be able to shoot through trooper armor, or well, even a piece of of paper, but these “laser guns” will open up a wide range of new and improved technology that can be used down the road and prove The Olympics can change with the times.

According to the BBC News, athletes competing in the pentathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will shoot laser guns rather than the traditional air pistols used in past games. The switch reduces cost, for one, since laser guns won’t use ammunition or air cartridges when fired. It will also make the sport safer, and, in turn, open it up to new venues, both indoors and out

I am now totally psyched and ready for them to take Olympic Fencing and throw in lightsabres. Yes this will certainly lead to a few deaths; but you know what that means? RATINGS people!! RATINGS!!!


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