1980_flash_gordon_002Ah, now this intrigues me. Thirty years ago, the best/worst campy superhero movie ever made hit theaters.


Oh, wait, wrong movie.

Flash Gordon.

And before we get any further, I am enlisting all of you into my army so that if someone uses “Flash Gordon” to refer to DC’s scarlet speedster, they get a cockpunch. It bugged me when I was 6 and it still bugs me now. Completely different characters; hell, completely different kinds of characters.

Now, that said, 1980’s Flash Gordon (also not to be confused with 1973’s Flesh Gordon, the best movie that features a penisaurus) was an eye-exploding cheesefest of massive proportion, complete with soundtrack by Queen, and Brian Farking Blessed as Prince Vultan.

Blastr points us to an interview with scifionline in which the film’s director, Mike Hodges, mentioned that there was actually going to be a sequel, but it never made its way to the screen.


Creative differences, the most dreaded of all creative maladies. He goes into specifics in the interview if you want the nitty gritty, but I just found it a bit amusing that:

a) Creative differences were the only reason
b) Someone would be satisfied by knowing this a mere 30 years after it might have been remotely topical.

Which is, presumably, why all the nerd news outlets are covering it. Because as we all know, nerds never let anything die. Not only are there probably people who are indeed relieved to finally have a reason, but I would be disappointed in nerddom if there weren’t.

I mean, shit, there’s probably someone out there who still harbors a grudge that they decided to make Superman‘s rocket in the first movie look like a crystalline testicle.

No, not me.

(via Blastr)

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