Ya know what I’d like to do?  In mid conversation I’d like to say “here’s the Thing” and pull out of my pocket an action figure of the Thing from Fantastic Four. Then continue talking as if nothing was aloof.

So kiddies….er I mean Bastards. Here’s a bit of casting news that may change your mind about FOX‘s proposed Fantastic Four Reboot. According to comicbookmovie good ole’ 20th Century FOX is pursuing Bruce Willis to provide the voice of The Thing who is said to be a full CGI character this time around. Willis would also portray the character in human form in the few short scenes of the opening credits. While there is no official word on Willis receiving any formal offers, this is more than likely just a show of faith to fans that FOX is taking the relaunch seriously.  Personally I love Bruce Willis (Who doesn’t love ‘The Bruce’) but I don’t think he has the gruff voice nor look for the role of Ben Grimm. Er…I dunno, I guess if you want the Thing to sound like Garfield he’s a good choice. My vote goes to Domenick Lombardozzi from “The Wire”. Authentic NYC accent and attitude, plus he definitely has the look.

Lets get back to the whole “Fox taking the relaunch seriously” bit. Besides the mighty Bruce being thrown in the mix there is some other news regarding actors and production crew supposedly being attached to the project. As it stands now they are also looking at bringing in Adrien Brody or Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Alice Eve as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Kevin Pennington as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, and Stephen Moyer as Doctor Doom. It’s also said that David Yates, Joe Carnahan and James McTeigue are in the fold as possible directors. Of course, none of these names have been mentioned officially from the Studio but, nonetheless these are some serious names being kicked around. One might think that FOX actually does give a shit. Is it possible they may have learned the error of their ways?

comicbookmovie also says that production of the film will being in May 2011, for a summer 2012 release and that the team’s origin (transformation) will take place during the opening credits (similar to the Hulk).

What do you think of Bruce Willis possibly taking on the role of The Thing? What’s your take on FOX’s new direction? Do you have faith that they can actually deliver a good super hero flick for once? Please share your comments below.

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