Ya know my biggest problem with X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Hugh Jackman! I’m sure I’m gonna get shit for this (bring it), but he sucks as Wolverine. The character of Wolverine is that of a feral beast trying desperately hard to find his humanity. Jackman plays it the other way around. He’s just a jacked underwear model trying to hard to be a beast. But, that was just one of my many disappointments with the Wolverine flick. It wasn’t thematic, had no tension and it they just cherry picked the characters comic history, put it in a blender and served it with a side of shit (shit shakes are the worst). Suffice to say I hated the movie (and you should to) and I am not looking forward to the sequel. Regardless of who’s involved.

But, that’s me. I’m sure the rest of you have some investment in second installment. And, with word going around the internetz of directors being approached for the project you might actually be excited.

Deadline New York has reported that previously rumored director, Robert Schwentke, has dropped out of contention for directing the film, most likely because he may have committed to the R.I.P.D project.

The trade site is now reporting that Darren Aronofsky (The Wrester) is in the mix now to direct the film but that the studio’s favorite is David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse).

With Aronfsky and Jackman’s history with ‘The Fountain’ I can see why he might approached. But, knowing the creative freedom Aronofsky likes to have with his projects and knowing the butthole spelunkers at FOX are controlling Nazis, it seems unlikely Aronofsky would take the offer seriously. So, who does that leave? The fucking guy responsible for Twilight: Eclipse. Honestly, do I even need to illustrate how bad of an idea that is? hmm, I guess I do. OK, here it goes. David Slade+Wolverine= POOP w/claws.

The rumored plot for the sequel will focus on the relationship between Wolverine and Mariko, the daughter of a Japanese crime lord, and what happens to Logan when he escapes to Japan after the Three Mile Island incident of the first film.

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