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Many toy collectors collect for one reason or another, each having their own special meaning to what they collect. Normally it’s just a harmless hobby. (A hobby that deflects the attraction of the opposite sex and thus hurts your genitals from getting some action but, all-in-all harmless). It becomes a problem, however when a person takes this little hobby and takes it one step too far. For thirty-year old Yoshifumo Takabe, a factory worker from Japan, it was burning his own home down (with himself inside) after Takabe’s mother tried to throw out his collection of Gundam models.

The story-Originally run by the Anime News Network (Godzilla must have been a vacation), took place on August 9th, 2009 at 2:10pm. Takabe tried to burn down his home in a rage (nerd rage) after part of his Gundam collection was taken away. Instead of killing himself, he destroyed his 2,400 square foot property. His defense argued that he fell into despair without his collection, calling them “as important as part of his own body” and asked for a suspended sentence.

The Judge, Hiroshi Mori, denied the request and handed down a four year prision sentence, instead of the requested five to thirty year sentence. He really got off lucky after burning down his home but the man really needs to chill out, drink tea at least. When you freak out after your fifty-five year old mother only tossed part of you collection, it’s time for a new hobby. After he gets out in 2015 lets hope he’s taken up Tai-chi(or at least knitting).

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