Sometimes we nerds have to consume more than Coke and Taco Bell as we save the world from strangely electromagnetic villains and mean orcs. So what do we do to get the power-up? We bake. Cupcakes, no less. has posted pics and a how-to for the cupcakes she created to show off her stationery at a comic book shop. Naturally, Jenn wanted to go with a superhero theme, so she used fondant icing to create cupcakes bearing Phoenix, Captain America and Superman crests.


It seems cupcakes are spreading wider than syphilis these days, as the dear boyfriend and I even got into the act over the weekend. Our cupcakes were messier than Jenn’s and we didn’t use fondant, but gosh golly, we loved our 1upcakes just the same:

Have you baked something as a testament to your Mario Kart skills? Decorated cookies to look like the early 20th century weapons found in Red Dead Redemption? Tweet your pics to @nerdbastards with the hashtag #NBcakes, and we may feature them in a future post about sweet edible nerd art!

Source:, via @GuyKawasaki

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