*Asian girls not included

*Asian girls not included

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After years of  playing Tetris it can become quite normal to see everything as a mix of L, T and line blocks. You just wish that you could have furniture made out of those crazy shapes. Thanks to designer to Gaen Koh of Singapore you can bring this into reality, making those forts you built as a child sucks ass. Tat-ris(not a joke) was designed to encourage an active behaviour in children. Focusing on giving a child insight into linguistic and conceptual structures while developing their pattern of learning and reasoning. This looks like a grand old time for the whole family, exchanging shapes to make tables, chairs and couches. This just screams awesomesauce, with a side of ingenuity. Just think about it, one day you could literally make your own furniture and adjust it to how many people live in your home. The only problem would be you making a straight line and watching your newly created piece disappear before your eyes. Companies could make a fortune on this one, as long as nothing falls too fast.
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