Game Consoles Made From Cashews


So wait… food, video games and saving the environment.  Sounds perfect right?  Well that is just the combination coming together in the creation of a NUTASTIC new bioplastic being developed by Japan’s NEC Corp. in order to make game consoles.  These bioplastic use renewable and natural resources such as vegetable and corn starch.  Now here’s the really cool part, it would be CHEAPER to produce!  It’s time to get REAL nerdy now folks as well as  show some love for those hippie-dippie vegan types out there…HERE WE GO!  Normally, bioplastics are unable to “take the heat” so to speak which would make them unusable in a situation like this or like in the scenario with the X-Box and “Red Ring of Death”.  However, NEC’s bioplastic is created from a by-product of plant processing of cashews, called cardanol.  Since 70% of this new bioplastic is plant-based, this means more heat resistance. Good luck trying to destroy our new game consoles Heat-Meister, you asshole!  Also, this new bioplastic will have both flexible and rigid parts (sounds like a bad date).  Although the product isn’t set to hit the market until 2013 it would still be pretty cool if this happens!


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