“Marty! Marty!” Looks like we’ll be hearing doc saying that and more quotes as it has been confirmed that Christopher Lloyd will be providing his voice. USA Today got a concept art (pictured above) and other details on Telltale Games (Sam & Max series, Tales of Monkey Island) upcoming game. Marty and Doc Brown will look like their movie counterparts and while there will be other returning characters, we don’t know if the any actors will give their likeness or voice. Series screenwriter, Bob Gale, is working on the story development of the game which is set for 5 episodic downloads.

Knowing Telltales history, I’m pretty optimistic as I have enjoy their past release and they are the king when it comes to episodic downloads. What do y’all think? Does any of these news excite you or are you still holding back because of the history of bad movie video games?

Source: /Film

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