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The big news out of the week is that Diamond has decided to keep new comics shipping on Wednesdays. There was some talk about moving it, and now they’ve decided retailers can opt-in to Tuesdays, but Wednesday is still New Comics Day.

This is a huge relief to me as I’ve arranged my life for the last fifteen years around new comics on Wednesdays. It’s a great way to get through the rest of the week knowing that you have comics at home to read!

The full release from Diamond is here:

I hope everyone had a great time at Baltimore! A special shout out to my very good friends at COMIC ART HOUSE who were there. And a special fangirl squee to the appearance of James “I made empressith fall madly in love with Starman” Robinson. I wish I could have been there. Next year maybe! (Hey readers, talk Nerdbastards into paying for my tickets and hotel room!).

On to this week’s ship list: New Releases

Shipping This Week: 9/1/2010

Every Monday, provides a list of comics, graphic novels and other pop-culture merchandise arriving this week to your local comic shop.

Please check with your retailer for availability, as not all new releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time.


JUL100021                  1 FOR DOLLAR GROO                $1.00 – I like Dark Horse’s idea to have 1 for $1 books, however, they are reprints. I wish they were new stories. These days, I won’t complain about any book for only $1!

JUL100022                  1 FOR DOLLAR STAR WARS LEGACY       $1.00

JUL100069                  AMAZING SCREW ON HEAD & OTHER CURIOUS OBJECTS HC               $17.99

JUL100073                  BALTIMORE PLAGUE SHIPS #2                 $3.50 – Mike Mignola is an amazing man. Here’s some gossip I heard about Hellboy 3: we won’t see a movie until Mike wraps up what he’s doing in the comics because he doesn’t want the movies to beat him to the punch.

JUL100078                 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #36 LAST GLEAMING PT 1 (OF 5) JEANT                $2.99

JUL100077                  BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #36 LAST GLEAMING PT 1 (OF 5) JO CH                  $2.99

APR100035                 CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #23                    $2.99 – Crom! Is it that time of month already??

JUL100072                  HELLBOY THE STORM #3 (OF 3)              $2.99 – Double Mignola week!

APR100074                 NGE CAMPUS APOCALYSE TP VOL 01     $10.99

FEB100088                 OH MY GODDESS RTL TP VOL 15              $10.99

MAY100057                STAR WARS CLONE WARS YR TP HERO OF CONFEDERACY                     $7.99

JUL100081                  STAR WARS OLD REPUBLIC #3 (OF 6)    $2.99

MAR100143                 UMBRELLA ACADEMY POCKET WATCH & STATUE SET        $129.99

APR100075                 VAMPIRE HUNTER D NOVEL VOL 15 DARK ROAD PT 3         $9.99


MAY100243                 ASTRO CITY SILVER AGENT #2 (OF 2)    $3.99

JUL100226                  AUTHORITY #26      $2.99

JUN100204                 BATMAN CACOPHONY TP       $14.99 – Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony #6 may be the worst comic of the last decade. It’s just miserable. Don’t waste your time.

JUL100155                  BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #48                   $2.99

JUL108007                 BIRDS OF PREY #1 3RD PTG (BRIGHTEST DAY)     $2.99 – I love Gail Simone but I find Hawk and Dove unnecessary in this book. I get it, they have the whole “bird” thing but you know what? They suck. I want to see Zinda, Huntress and Black Canary raise holy hell.

JUL100110                  BRIGHTEST DAY #9                    $2.99

JUL100162                  FREEDOM FIGHTERS #1          $2.99

JUL100178                  JONAH HEX #59      $2.99 – Despite how awful the movie was, (and it was the worst movie I’ve seen this year), I’ve enjoyed the last five years of Jonah Hex comics. The stories are mostly one-shots, they are fun and it’s just awesome.

JUL100181                  JSA ALL STARS #10 $3.99

JUL100132                  OUR ARMY AT WAR #1              $3.99

JUL100179                  REBELS #20               $2.99

JUL100148                  RED HOOD LOST DAYS #4 (OF 6)             $2.99 – Can we lose this comic?

JUL100184                  SECRET SIX #25        $2.99 – I always think this book is cancelled because it feels like it comics out late all of the time. I love Gail Simone. I’m so far behind in this book, but I still pick it up because I love Gail’s writing.

JUL100159                  SUPERMAN THE LAST FAMILY OF KRYPTON #2 (OF 3)          $4.99

JUN100232                 TINY TITANS TP VOL 04 THE FIRST RULE OF PET CLUB       $12.99 – If you don’t read this book, you are missing out. It’s my favorite comic. I had a long chat with Franco at Boston Comic Con, he was amazing and I got an awesome sketch of Krypto and Streaky.

JUL100224                  TOM STRONG AND THE ROBOTS OF DOOM #4 (OF 6)            $3.99


JUL100331                  5 DAYS TO DIE #1 (OF 5)           $3.99

JUL100316                  ANGEL BARBARY COAST TP VOL 01        $14.99

JUN100359                 BRAM STOKERS DEATH SHIP #4              $3.99

JUN100336                 CLASSIC GI JOE TP VOL 09      $24.99 – Dear IDW: please, let it go. Love, empressith

JUL100307                  GI JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO #158 $3.99

JUN100331                  GI JOE HEARTS AND MINDS #4                $3.99

JUL100372                  J SCOTT CAMPBELLS FAIRY TALE FANTASIES 2011 CALENDAR            $19.99

JUN100349                 SPIKE THE DEVIL YOU KNOW #3            $3.99

JUN100352                 STAR TREK MOVIE ADAPTATION #6      $3.99

JUL100348                  STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY #3               $3.99

JUN100322                 TRANSFORMERS LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS TP          $19.99

JUL100369                  WE WILL BURY YOU TP VOL 01                $17.99

JUN100375                 WIRE HANGERS #4                     $3.99 – No wire hangers!! Sorry, had to make the joke. I hope everyone gets it, or I am really and truly old…

JUN100371                  YOURS TRULY JACK THE RIPPER #3      $3.99


MAR100457                ANGELUS #5 (OF 6)                     $2.99 – This series has a projected end? Awesome!

APR100460                 HAUNT #9                   $2.99

JUL100396                  IMAGE FIRSTS DARKNESS #1 $1.00

JUN100417                  INVINCIBLE TP VOL 13 GROWING PAINS                 $16.99

MAY100511                 MAGDALENA (ONGOING) #3 $3.99

JUL108014                  MORNING GLORIES #1 2ND PTG (PP #933)               $3.99 – I’m pumped this has a second print because I missed the first issue and was quite cranky about it. I really shouldn’t surrender my comics to people who come in looking for them.

OCT090451                  WITCHBLADE TP VOL 08        $14.99


JUN100547                 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN PRESENTS BLACK CAT #3 (OF 4)     $3.99

JUL100505                  ASTONISHING X-MEN XENOGENESIS DIRECTORS CUT #1  $4.99 – I don’t know what the hell is going on in this series. I mean, Storm has a Mohawk again? What’s that about? And Emma’s boobs are bigger than her head. And Warren Ellis is writing it.

JUL100554                  AVENGERS CHILDRENS CRUSADE #2 (OF 9)          $3.99 – I love my teenage superheroes. And I love Wanda.

JUL100537                  AVENGERS THOR CAPTAIN AMERICA OFF INDEX MU #5    $3.99

JUL100561                  CAPTAIN AMERICA FOREVER ALLIES #2 (OF 4)   $3.99

JUN100692                 DARK X-MEN TP      $16.99

JUL100524                  DEADPOOL PULP #1 (OF 4)     $3.99 – As much as I love Deadpool, the Merc with the 9,000 titles is starting to strain my wallet!

JUN100531                  DEADPOOL WADE WILSONS WAR #4 (OF 4)          $3.99

JUL100716                  ESSENTIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA TP VOL 03 NEW PTG              $19.99

JUN100686                 EXILES ULTIMATE COLLECTION TP BOOK 05       $34.99 – Really? I mean, the idea was cool. The execution was terrible. If a series can boast that Judd Winck, Tony Bedard and Chris Claremont all wrote it, you know you are reading the wrong book.

JUN100589                 FRANKEN-CASTLE #20             $2.99 – I can’t deal with this any more!

JUL100612                  GORILLA MAN #3 (OF 3)           $3.99

JUL100562                  HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #4                $2.99

JUL100579                  HERCULES TWILIGHT OF A GOD #4 (OF 4)             $3.99

JUL100583                  HEROIC AGE ONE MONTH TO LIVE #1 (OF 5)        $2.99

JUL100542                  I AM AN AVENGER #1 (OF 5)  $3.99 – If this is an entire comic of those ads from Marvel, I’m going to be mad!

JUL100594                  INCREDIBLE HULKS #612       $3.99 – Enough! No more Hulks plural. One Hulk is fine.

JUL100659                  INVADERS BY ALEX ROSS POSTER         $8.99

JUL100601                  IRON MAN 2 AGENTS OF SHIELD #1       $3.99

JUN100673                 IRON MAN EXTREMIS GN HC W/ MOTION COMIC DVD         $24.99

JUL100602                  IRON MAN LEGACY #6              $2.99

JUL100608                 MARVEL UNIVERSE VS PUNISHER #3 (OF 4)         $3.99

JUL100506                  MARVELMAN FAMILYS FINEST #3 (OF 6)                $3.99

JUL100648                  NEW MUTANTS FOREVER #2 (OF 5)       $3.99 – I shouldn’t but I’m going to. I love the New Mutants and am more than willing to spend money on them even when I know the story will be terrible.

JUL100620                  ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS X-MEN #1                 $3.99 – Ohhh the origin of the X-Men?? That’s never been told. I can’t wait to spend $4 to rehash it again!

JUL100654                  SCARLET #2               $3.95 – Loved the first issue. Can’t wait for this.

JUN108163                  SHADOWLAND #2 (OF 5) 2ND PTG TAN VAR (PP #932)

JUL100566                  SHADOWLAND #3 (OF 5) SL   $3.99  – This has been cool so far. Matt Murdock finally lost it, killed Bullseye and is running Hell’s Kitchen from a ninja castle. Awesome!

JUL100570                  SHADOWLAND ELEKTRA #1 SL                $3.99

JUN100659                 SIEGE NEW AVENGERS PREM HC           $29.99 – This was awesome. If you missed it, pick it up.

JUN100678                 SPIDER-MAN COMPLETE CLONE SAGA EPIC TP BOOK 03    $34.99 – I still can’t believe Marvel is reprinting this. It’s like if I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of me and the biggest loser I ever dated with the caption “OMG I LOVE THIS MAN”. Marvel shouldn’t remind everyone of their eternal shame.

JUL100598                  TASKMASTER #1 (OF 4)             $3.99 – I’m a sucker for Tasky. I’ll pick it up.

JUL100615                  THOR FOR ASGARD #1 (OF 6)                     $3.99 – I know there’s a movie coming out and I’ll be seeing a lot of Thor and company, and that’s just fine with me. I’ve been enjoying the ride.

JUN100690                 TORCH TP                   $19.99

JUL100629                  WOLVERINE #1        $3.99 – Again?

JUL100719                  WOLVERINE BY JAE LEE POSTER          $8.99

JUL100628                  WOLVERINE ROAD TO HELL #1               $3.99

JUL100624                  X-MEN CURSE OF MUTANTS SMOKE AND BLOOD #1             $3.99 – I’m so sick of vampires I could scream. I refuse to read this on principle.

JUL100611                   YOUNG ALLIES #4   $2.99



JUN100832                 28 DAYS LATER TP VOL 01 LONDON CALLING       $9.99

JUN100834                 AMORY WARS KEEPING SECRETS OF SILENT EARTH 3 #4   $3.99

JUL101038                  AMULET SC VOL 03 CLOUD SEARCHERS                  $10.99

JUL101112                   ATOMIC ROBO TP VOL 04 OTHER STRANGENESS                    $17.95

MAY100752                 BERONAS WAR FIELD GUIDE                   $19.95

JUN100757                 BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #207           $2.69

JUN101206                  BEYOND WONDERLAND TP  $17.99 – So I have may have accidently insulted Talent Caldwell at a con once by accident, who does work for Zenoscope by cleverly implying Zenoscope was nothing more than cheap pornography. Oops. He’s a great guy though and I owe him big hugs next time I see him.

MAR100893                BLACKBEARD LEGEND OF THE PYRATE KING #5                    $3.99

FEB100934                  BUCK ROGERS IN 25TH CENTURY DAILIES HC VOL 04          $39.99

JUN100860                 CARS ADVENTURES OF TOW MATER #2                   $2.99

MAY101214                  CHARMED #2 A CVR HORN    $3.50 – Greg Horn doing Charmed covers? Blech. Let’s start combining other things I hate, like John Bryne could write a story starring Shadowhawk…

MAY101215                  CHARMED #2 B CVR SEIDMAN                 $3.50


MAY100843                COLD SPACE #4        $3.99 – I tried the first issue and said “meh”.

MAY100720                CRYPT OF HORROR #9              $29.95

JUN100814                 DANTES DIVINE COMEDY HC                   $20.00

JAN100960                 DARK SHADOWS COMP SERIES HC VOL 01             $49.99

JUN108154                  DARKWING DUCK #1 2ND PTG                  $3.99

MAY100949                 DEAN KOONTZ FRANKENSTEIN PRODIGAL SON VOL 2 #1  $3.99

MAR100920                DF AVENGERS #1 ROMITA JR SGN ED   $29.99

MAY101005                 DF NEMESIS #1 EX CVR PLUS                    $14.99

MAY100845                DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP #14 (OF 24)     $3.99

JUN101124                  DREAMING COLLECTION GN (NOTE PRICE)          $19.99

JUN100998                 DRUNKEN DREAM & OTHER STORIES HC               $24.99

MAY101070                 ELEPHANT MAN GN                  $9.99

MAY101216                  ESCAPE FROM WONDERLAND COVER GALLERY                     $3.99

JUN100844                 FARSCAPE TP VOL 01 BEGINNING O/T END O/T BEGINNING                 $9.99

FEB100691                  FATHOM BLUE DESCENT #1 CVR A SCOTT CLARK                   $2.99

FEB100692                  FATHOM BLUE DESCENT #1 CVR B DAVID FINCH                   $2.99

MAY100719                 FEMFORCE #153      $9.95

JUN100749                 FRAGGLE ROCK HC VOL 01     $19.95

MAY100732                 GD NHS MAIDENS OF TWILIGHT PKT MANGA TP                     $14.99

MAY101208                 GFT INFERNO #3 (OF 5) A CVR ASRAR   $2.99

MAY101209                 GFT INFERNO #3 (OF 5) B CVR SHASTEEN              $2.99

JUN101118                  HAPPY CAFE GN VOL 04 (OF 14)               $10.99

JUN100847                 INCORRUPTIBLE #9                   $3.99 – Mark Waid is just awesome.

JUL101125                   JAMES BOND OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 (O/A)                $16.95

APR100728                 KADE RED SUN TP  $14.95

JUN101120                  KARAKURI ODETTE GN VOL 04 (OF 6)  $10.99

JUL100917                  KEVIN SMITH GREEN HORNET #7          $3.99

JUN100929                 KEVIN SMITH GREEN HORNET ANNUAL #1           $5.99

JUN100927                 KEVIN SMITH GREEN HORNET HC VOL 01 SINS OF THE FATHER       $24.99

JUN100741                  KONI WAVES PERFECT WAVE GN           $19.95

JAN100908                 KURASHINA SENSEIS PASSION GN VOL 03 (OF 3)                    $12.95

JUN101122                  KYO KARA MAOH GN VOL 07 (OF 8)       $10.99

NOV090806                LAND OF THE GIANTS COMP SERIES HC                  $49.99

JUN101092                  LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME #3 (OF 3) A CVR MALEEV (RES) (MR                  $4.99

JUN101093                  LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME #3 (OF 3) B CVR TOCCHINI (RES) ( $4.99

JUL100957                  LEGENDARY TALESPINNERS GN             $12.99

JUL100890                 LIFE & TIMES OF SCROOGE MCDUCK HC VOL 01 (AUG090745)              $24.99

JUN100738                 LITTLE GREEN MEN GN           $9.95

FEB100657                  MECHA-NATION #1 (OF 3) CVR A SEAN GALLOWAY                $3.95

MAY100747                 MOUSE GUARD LEGENDS O/T GUARD #3 (OF 4)  $3.50

JUN100980                 PANIC X PANIC GN VOL 02      $10.99

FEB101028                  PHANTOM DOUBLE SHOT #5 (OF 6) KGB NOIR    $2.99

APR101016                  PHANTOM GHOST WHO WALKS #12      $3.99

MAR101073                 PHANTOM UNMASKED #2 (OF 2)             $3.99

JUN100981                 PINK INNOCENT GN VOL 02   $10.99

JUN101119                   PORTRAIT OF M & N GN VOL 03 (OF 6)  $10.99

MAY100988                PS238 #46                    $2.99

APR100902                 QUEEN SONJA #9   $2.99

JUN101090                 RADICAL PREMIERE MATA HARI            $1.00

JUL100940                  RED SONJA WRATH OF THE GODS TP VOL 01       $19.99

JUN100769                 SCOURGE #1 COVER A ERIC BATTLE      $2.99

JUN100770                 SCOURGE #1 COVER B MICAH GUNNELL                 $2.99

JUN100771                  SCOURGE #1 COVER C TALENT CALDWELL            $2.99

JUN101128                  SILVER DIAMOND GN VOL 07 (OF 10)   $10.99

MAY100954                 STARGATE VALA MAL DORAN #3            $3.99

JUL101162                   STITCHES GN            $15.95

MAY101212                  TFW MAD HATTER VS QUEEN OF HEARTS A CVR CUMMINGS               $4.99

MAY101213                  TFW MAD HATTER VS QUEEN OF HEARTS B CVR SHASTEEN                $4.99

MAY101082                 TICK NEW SERIES #5                 $4.95

JUN100887                 TIME MACHINE CAMPFIRE GN                 $9.99

JUL101129                   TORCHWOOD #2     $3.99

JUL100839                  TWO CENTS PLAIN HC              $26.00

JUN100763                 VERONICA #202       $2.99 – The gay guy is coming to Riverdale! No, Veronica’s not a ‘hag. She likes the new boy and doesn’t realize he’s gay. Jughead figures it out and neglects to tell Veronica because frankly, Jughead’s a dick. Can’t wait!

JUN100877                 WALT DISNEYS COMICS & STORIES #710                  $2.99

JUN101117                   WITCH OF ARTEMIS GN VOL 01 (OF 3)  $10.99

JUN101107                  WWE HEROES #6    $3.99

MAY100745                 ZOMBIE WARRIORS GN           $14.95


JUN101236                  ALTER EGO #96        $7.95

JUN101237                  BACK ISSUE #43       $7.95 – Best magazine on the market. ‘Nuff said.

JUN101246                  COMICS REVUE PRESENTS AUG 2010    $19.95

JUN101226                  JUXTAPOZ VOL 17 #9 SEP 2010                 $5.99

MAY101806                 KOBOLD QUARTERLY MAGAZINE #14  $7.99

APR101258                  STAR WARS VEHICLES COLL MAG #23 STAP           $18.00 – These magazines contain lead figures and I’m not sure they are even supposed to sell them in the United States. I guess if you’ll spend $18  on a magazine you have been licking too much paint off your wall.

APR101259                  STAR WARS VEHICLES COLL MAG #24 CLOUD CAR                 $18.00

APR101260                  STAR WARS VEHICLES COLL MAG #49 AAT             $18.00

APR101261                   STAR WARS VEHICLES COLL MAG #50 DROID FIGHTER      $18.00

That’s it for me! See you in the funny books!

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