The remake of 80’s horror flick and cult classic, Fright Night — the story of Charley Brewster discovering his next door neighbor Jerry Dandridge is a vampire, then turning to vampire hunter Peter Vincent to help kill him – is coming to theatres in October 2011. One significant change — Roddy McDowall’s vampire killer has been replaced by David Tennant as a goofy Chris Angel like illusionist.

To quote David Tennant as Doctor Who: “What?”

Apparently, the creatives behind the remake thought the idea of a vampire hunter (particularly the idea that Peter Vincent was actually an actor living out his glory days and hosting a late night horror show) was somehow too ridiculous. Instead, they thought a magician with way too much eye liner and penchant for leather wear was much more reasonable.

Now, I am all for changes to source material (particularly when they makes sense. I.E. making Spider-Mans web shooters organic) , but within reason. This is ridiculous. Jesus Christ with guyliner? Come on now, your not even trying!


source: slashfilm


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