Vertigo’s popular comic series, Sandman, is once again being consider for a TV adaptation as Warner Bros. is trying to acquire the rights to air it on TV. If successful, they have plans to have Supernatural creator Erik Kripke to take on the project and also air it on CW network. Throughout the ’90s there has been many attempts to adapt the series into live action via film or TV and has never passed through the planning phase. HBO was once close but due to rights issue, the planned mini-series never happened.

While I’m up for some good television and hearing many good things about the Sandman story, I wouldn’t mind checking it out. My only worry is that WB is aiming to air this on CW. As of now, most of the shows on CW are aimed for female audience, hence getting rid of shows like Everybody Hates Chris, Reaper, and their number one watched show, WWE Smackdown! I guess you could say, I have a bad feeling on how they may want to take on the story. Anyway, how do y’all feel about this? Any of you excited for the possibilities of a TV show or does the news upset you?

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