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Star Warsfan Rebecca Crane found made a wonderful use of her spare time (which nerds seem to have an awful lot of) and created a map of The United States of Star Wars. Each state on the map represents a different planet/location from the Star Warsuniverse. Texas is Kessel, Oregon is Endor, Maine is Naboo…etc. Each state is based on similarities in geography as well as the type of people that reside there. Here is a little more info…

There are probably tens of planets that work for each state, I picked either the first one that I came to or the best fit.

Planets were assigned based on partial terrain, landmarks that correlate with the planet and state, types of people in the state and planet, famous landmarks, or slightly randomly selected (but loosely based on facts) from my brother and myself. 

In case you can identify all of the Star Wars States Rebecca made a list of what state corresponds with what planet. (AFTER THE JUMP)

source: geekologie


Alabama – Trandosha
Alaska – Hoth
Arizona – Korriban
Arkansas – Thyferra
California – Adumar
Colorado – Mandalore
Connecticut – Alderaan
Delaware – Eriadu
Florida – Dagobah
Georgia – Taris
Hawaii – Mon Calamari
Idaho – Corellia
Illinois – Almania
Indiana – Moorja
Iowa – Taanab
Kansas – Lok
Kentucky – Umgul
Louisiana – Ord Mantell
Maine – Naboo
Maryland – Sluis Van
Massachusetts – Dathomir
Michigan – Kuat
Minnesota – Iego
Mississippi – Telos IV
Missouri – Talus
Montana – Wayland
Nebraska – Ansion
Nevada – Pantolomin
New Hampshire – Adarlon
New Jersey – Nar Shaddaa
New Mexico – Tatooine
New York – Coruscant
North Carolina – Brentaal IV
North Dakota – Nubia
Ohio – Dantooine
Oklahoma – Thule
Oregon – Endor
Pennsylvania – Tython
Rhode Island – Clak’dor VII
South Carolina – Death Star
South Dakota – Chandrila
Tennessee – Yavin IV
Texas – Kessel
Utah – Geonosis
Vermont – Ilum
Virginia – Fondor
Washington – Kashyyyk
West Virginia – Bespin
Wisconsin – Falleen
Wyoming – Bakura

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