warp_speedWatching the Enterprise go to warp speed is part of every Star Trek movie. In the original series, due mostly to budget and technical limitations, I presume, there wasn’t a specific effect for warp speed.

So they made a huge deal of it in the first Trek movie. Actually they made a huge deal of “hey, check out what we can do with better technology and a bigger budget” shots of the Enterprise, but still, imagine going from the TV show to seeing the movie Enterprise jumping into warp for the first time.

This video, brought to our attention by the fine folks at Gizmodo, documents each warp jump from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to the most recent Trek film. It’s a trip to see the evolution of the visual representation.

I still call bullshit on the Klingon Bird of Prey going into warp while still in Earth’s atmosphere, especially given that they made a huge deal in the first movie about going to warp while within the solar system.

(via Gizmodo)

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