20 Classic Movie Farts

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Who doesn’t love a good fart joke?  Call it low-brow, but there is nothing like hearing someone rip one; However, we could all do without the ones that smell like someone’s leftover meatloaf.  It would be cool if farts were like air fresheners and smelled like vanilla or fresh laundry…you know, like those awesome Re-nuzit thingies that Glade makes!  Sadly my friends, things in real life are not that cool.  This is  NOT Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where the farts smell like snozberries; they smell like shit.  Farts are loud and smelly but that does not make them any less funny.

It’s not the fart itself wherein the humor lies but rather the elements surrounding the situation.  The person’s face when it happens (embarrassment yet also wondering if it was a shart), the way it sounds  also everyone’s reactions around the perpetrator of the fart.  The funniest thing about farts is how taboo they are, even though everybody does it.  Now, it’s one thing if you’re at Thanksgiving dinner and while Dad is carving the turkey as everyone patiently awaits to go into a tryptophan induced nap and you fucking let one go, but just walking down the street one should feel no shame in letting out a rip roaring fart.  On that note, check out this hilarious montage of twenty classic movie farts.


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