Who are these two? I wouldn’t have known either if I wasn’t the mad genius writer behind this post! There is no paper trail however to what they are currently up to, and if you can find out what these two are up to, after my revelation you’d be a SUPERFAN. Replicated again and again in parody and in music videos. They don’t look two banged up right? Lets see who these two used to be.


It’s Lisa and Louise Burns! The Twins who ran that haunted amusement Park! And the would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for you snooping kids!!!…Er, I mean snooping twins, and also a haunted mansion (a.k.a the hotel from The Shining) The Grady Twins, possibly the most terrifying Twins to ever Grace the screens besides the redheads from the Great Outdoors. The sisters have not actually done anymore work since The Shining but they are known to be extremely famous at having the most terrifyingly best moments in horror. I believe you can get the Burns’ Autographs or meet&greets at Horror-Con’s. Don’t forget they are naturally creepy in being a twin by itself. But how could we live with them as a part of our Horror culture!?!?

Lisa and Louise, We Speak Your Names

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