Forget the Avengers Assembling (full cast of Marvels ‘The Avengers taking stage at the Marvel press panel),  the most talked about happening of San Diego Comic-Con, was the infamous nerd stabbing of Hall H. If y’all don’t recall, some nerd, in a Harry Potter t-shirt decided to get stab happy and insert a pen  into another nerds eye for not changing seats or something.

Well, profiting from the random act of nerd violence is These tasteless, but funny bastards (kinda like us) decided to print a t-shirt for all those that survived the drama. Titled ‘I survived The Comic-Con Eye Stabbing’  this $20.00 tee is for all those who walked away from the event unscathed.

And, while we all laugh at this, the guy with one less eye,  probably isn’t.

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