Blonde? check.  Cute and spunky attitude? check.  So who could we possibly be talking about…well a plethora of women out there.  But this time we’re talking about Hilary Duff.  Ms. Duff..er…Mrs. Comrie may be playing Gwen Stacey in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.   Clearly, she looks the part but it takes more than that.  Alright, so Lizzy McGuire was sweet but can this chick really get the job done and play the romantic partner to Garfield?  Although Duff drifted to a music career, let us not forget that she does have experience playing a romantic interest in a lot of her roles; That is one thing on her resume that makes her a great fit for the role.  So this whole rumor got started over a supposed script siting on the kitcken table at Duff’s home when her husband was being interviewed. Here is the excerpt from the article:

”The kitchen contains evidence of their professional lives – his daily diet is posted on the fridge (from a bacon cheddar burrito for breakfast to five pigs-in-a-blanket as a nighttime snack) and a script marked “Spiderman” sits on the table, with lines for a character simply called “girl” highlighted in yellow (rumours swirl about who Spidey’s love interest will be in the series’ next instalment.)”

Gwen Stacy is such a pivotal part of the comics and her presence in this film is important to draw the audience into the story.  It will be interesting to see if they will just be using the character to move the plot along and just ill her off and bring in our beloved MJ?  This idea is so intriguing and would make for a much more interesting movie if the do so leaving us with a conflicted Parker. One thing that is worrisome however is does this chick have enough acting chops to help fix and make this  seemingly shitty reboot better or will she add to the shit until this movie is drowning in it!


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