Judge Dredd Flick Now Just ‘Dredd’

800px-GazeintofistIn a move that will likely cause sarcastic movie reviewers to soak their frillies at the thought of all the clever headlines they can use, they are truncating the title of the upcoming Judge Dredd film to simply Dredd.

As if there wasn’t enough pressure for this movie not to suck (when it will be compared with Sylvester “I AM THE LUH!” Stallone’s 1995 version), how tempting will it be to make the review headline something like “Dredd-ful”?

That said, this movie looks promising, just for the fact that producer Andrew Macdonald has said the movie will be very dark, will stay a lot closer to the comic, including the fact that, unlike the first Dredd movie, in this one, Dredd will not take off his helmet. That alone gives me hope.

What do you think? Will Karl Urban do the character justice?

(via SlashFilm)

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