It seems so, folks! So, the classic cartoon show Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers is being turned into a comic book. Wow… talk about nostalgia overload! First of all, who didn’t LOVE cartoons growing up?! They just don’t make ’em like they use too. It saddens one to think that while we’re filling our faces with delicious confectionary cereal on Saturday morning, that we’re doing so to the likes of garbage such as That’s SO Raven or the fact that everything that is animated is now in 3D. It’s a damn shame. Which is why it is AWESOME that Chip N’ Dale are coming to our rescue! This is all due to success from turning another great cartoon from back in the day, Darkwing Duck into a comic book series. The Chip N’ Dale comics should be coming our way in December and will be written by Ian Brill, who is the writer of Darwing Duck miniseries and art will be provided by Leonel Castellani. How great is this? Even if we can’t get quality cartoons, at least we can still get quality comics. And in case you’ve forgotten about that incredible catchy and sweet intro to the show, here ya go!


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