Creator Reveals Favourite Twilight Zone Episodes


The Twilight Zone.

Say that name today and most people will know what you are talking about (even if they weren’t around when it initially aired), as it is a perfect example of how a television show can become part of everyday language.

The original series, which aired from 1959-1964, had short little stories with usually a surprising twist at the end that turned everything you thought you knew about the segment upside down. Ask anyone who has seen or heard about the show, and they will tell you about their favorite episodes.

Even the creator and head writer, Rod Serling, thank to newly unearthed interview footage (via Blastr).

Serling says that his two favorite episodes were:

The Invaders, where minuscule aliens and ship torment a woman forcing her to kill them, which would not be most people’s choice as their favorite. But, according to Serling:

One [of his favorites] was an original by Dick Matheson called ‘The Invaders,’ with Agnes Moorehead, which was in a sense pure science fiction, with a very O. Henryish twist.

The Invaders

The Invaders

Serling’s second favorite was Time Enough At Last, where a myopic librarian survives the end of the world to read all his books in his much sought the peace and quiet.

And the other was an adaptation of mine, a very free, loose adaption of a Lucille Fletcher — I think it was Lucille Fletcher, I could be wrong [actually was Lynn Venable] — a short story called ‘Time Enough at Last,’ about a myopic bank teller who at the end of the world breaks his glasses just when he’s able to read all that he’s ever wanted to read

Time Enough At Last

Time Enough At Last

And what are my two favorite episodes?

To Serve Man, where an alien race arrives on Earth with a promise to serve man, but may have ulterior motives; and The Eye of the Beholder, where a disfigured woman undergoes surgery to look more like everyone else, but all is not as it seems.

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