January Jones of ‘Madmen” is HAWT. If given the chance (which, lets be frank, will never happen) I would totally tongue punch her fart box. When I heard that she was cast as Emma Frost in Matthew Vaughn‘s X-Men: First Class two things happened. 1. At the mention of her name my penis went to full alert. 2. I nodded my head (the other one) at the casting choice. Besides being a little light in the chest, she has an uncanny (see what I did there?) resemblance to the White Queen. Plus, the HPOA (that’s hot piece of ass for you uneducated folks) can act. She is absolutely brilliant on Madmen. Anyway, if there was any doubt from the rest of you on whether she was a good choice, then have a looksie at January Jones dressed in her ‘Emma Frost’ 1960s costume from the following set photos. OK, pictures of her in character don’t prove anything except that January Jones wearing all white makes for nerd spank material (also makes me want to buy Q-Tips for some reason). Only time will tell if she makes a good Emma Frost. Now, commenting on the pictures in a none sexual way. You’ll see she is walking around in a World War II environment. Being that the time frame of the story takes place in the 60’s this indicates that the character is using her telepathic abilities and is walking around in the memories of either Charles Xavier or Magneto, assumingly.

The Story of X-Men: First classed focuses on Charles Xavier(James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr(Michael Fassbender) as young men, when discovering their powers for the first time. Filming continues at Pinewood Studios & scattered locations over England. It hits theaters June 3rd next year.

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