Proud Geek Parent Bumper Stickers


For the parents of any geek who knows that playing video games isn’t underachieving, it’s just a different sort of a achievement. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to beat Contra without the Konami Kode? DO YOU! Or how about Silver Surfer? A game where multiple enemies are coming at you, all the time and you only have one hit point, and you’re dead? At-least in Contra you restart where you die. In Silver Surfer you gotta start the whole level over. Oh, and if you touch any wall, ceiling or ground, you DIE! I digress, point is video games are achievements onto themselves and nerds are seldom recognized for their victories (which is why we have X-Box Achievements).

Well, feeling and sharing the pain of unappreciated-ness is Das Chupa of Zero Lives. Chupa decided to make some “Proud Geek” stickers to stick (see what I did there) it to those smug parents who tote around in their Soccer Mom SUVs’ and Hybrid cars with those “Proud Parent of an Honor Student” slapped on the bumper (douchecanoes). Now, I’ve always been a fan of the “My Child Can’t Beat The Shit Out of Your Honor Child” bumper stickers. These, however are F’N awesome and appeal much more to my gamer sensibilities.

Currently, these stickers are not available for purchase (Damn!). Just something personal Das Chupa put together. So, someone needs to throw their hat over the wall and actually make these available to the public.



Category: Nerd Culture, Videogames