Ridiculous Rock Band Drummer


So funny Rock Band story, after I completed the Endless Setlist for the first Rock Band, I pulled a muscle on my leg since apparently playing 6.5 hours of Rock Band drums can do that to you. I guess my leg couldn’t hold my fat body anymore the moment I got up. Anyway, while this may not be like the naked chick playing Rock Band, this video is still amazing in it’s on way.

The Black Dahila Murder’s “What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse” has a max level of difficulty on the drum department so this is quite a feat as HomelessCarl successfully does a 100% note hit on the song. Check the video out and see if you can hit all 3195 notes and be amazed as I was and also cry because I know I will never be that good (ok, maybe I’ll be the only one that cries).

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