Zombieland 2 On The Chain


Its time to Nut up! Ever since the numbers came out on the first impeccable Zombieland, it was only a matter of time before the boys churned out a sequel to the film. While the 4 main stars haven’t signed on yet, with an unbeatable franchise like this behind their backs they better jump.

Director Ruben Fleischer is set to return, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wenick were put to work on a script for the follow-up Now we know that the film has been written, and Fleischer is praising the first draft as ‘amazing’ to sites that visited the set of his currently-shooting film 30 Minutes or Less.

While the film is still in its earliest stages, shit don’t matter to me, I’m breaking out my Rules for Surviving Zombieland. So it’s time to get some Cardio, Check the Back Seat, Limber Up, And always Double Tap a bitch, even if they aren’t moving…Because Zombieland 2 is sure to have more guns, Zombies, and more Zombie Kills of the Week!

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