Pixar Making The Doctor Strange Movie?


Let me get this out of the way first – I am a huge Doctor Strange fan. I love the character, and when Marvel comics announced that one was in the making, I got very excited when the news broke in July. My original post on it can be viewed here.

While the writer’s are busily crafting the script, there are still many unknowns for the movie, such as director, cast, etc…

But recently, a new question has popped up: Live-action or CG?

According the Cinematical, comic artist Brendan McCarthy met with Disney (who own Marvel), and talk turned to Doctor Strange. Most interestingly, the studio tossed around the idea of Pixar animating Doctor Strange for the big screen.

This is still a rumor, and while I am not completely sold on the idea, I love that Disney and Marvel are exploring all options to make the best Dr. Strange movie they can.

And that is as exciting as any news.

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