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This week in comics is a weekly column done by resident comic expert and nerd bastards contributor, Empress Sith (A.K.A. Megan G.) . Empress works at Collectibles Unlimited in Concord N.H. and knows more about comics than anyone should. She has boobs and reads comics. What more do you need to know? Empress Sith is here to tell you what’s out and what’s going on this week in comics. Enjoy. ~ Management

Hey fellow bastards!,

As you may have noticed comics are a day late this week. Don’t get made at me. Blame the Labor day holiday.

Before we get onto to today’s comic list I’d liked to point out that one of my readers noticed I mixed up two Kevin Smith Batman mini-series last week. While both terrible, I meant to vent most of my rage onto WIDENING GYRE. Thanks for the correction!

Onto this week’s comics. New Releases

Shipping This Week: 9/9/2010

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Please check with your retailer for availability, as not all new releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time.


JUL100023                  1 FOR DOLLAR BUFFY THE SLAYER       $1.00

JUL100024                  1 FOR DOLLAR MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER              $1.00

JUL100075                  BILLY THE KID GHASTLY FIEND LONDON #1 ERIC POWELL CVR        $3.99

JUL100076                  BILLY THE KID GHASTLY FIEND LONDON #1 KYLE HOTZ CVR             $3.99

JUL100070                 BPRD HELL ON EARTH NEW WORLD #2 (OF 5)    $3.50

MAY100028                CONAN NEWSPAPER STRIPS HC VOL 01                   $34.99

FEB100059                 CREEPY ARCHIVES HC VOL 07                  $49.99

JUN100017                 DOCTOR SOLAR MAN OF ATOM #2         $3.50

MAY100031                 DR HORRIBLE TP    $9.99 – I love Dr. Horrible. I mean, hello, it’s NPH and Nathan Fillion in the same place? And not to mention it’s AWESOME!

JUN100024                 FEAR AGENT #29 OUT OF STEP (PT 2 OF 6)             $3.50

APR100048                 MIGHTY SAMSON ARCHIVES HC VOL 01                  $49.99

APR100046                 MOGWORLD MMPB                   $7.99


JUL100164                  ADVENTURE COMICS #518     $3.99 – I’ve been digging this and really pumped that DC brought the book back. Let’s keep the Legion as the stars, and never, ever go back to “Dial H for Hero” again. Please and thank you.

JUL100153                  BATGIRL #14              $2.99 – Ugh. I can’t stand Stephanie either as Spoiler or Batgirl. I tried to like it, I really, really did. But it just is terrible.

JUL108015                  BATMAN #700 2ND PTG (NOTE PRICE) $4.99

JUL100138                  BATMAN #703           $2.99

MAY100133                 BATMAN AND ROBIN #14        $2.99 – One of my favorite DC books right now. Damian grew on me. I hated him but now I really love the little bastard.

JUL100140                  BATMAN ODYSSEY #3 (OF 13)                    $3.99 – Is anyone reading this? 13 parts?

JUL108035                  BIRDS OF PREY #3 2ND PTG (BRIGHTEST DAY)    $2.99

JUL100177                  BOOSTER GOLD #36                   $2.99

JUL100170                  DOC SAVAGE #6       $3.99

JUL100175                  DOOM PATROL #14                     $2.99

JUN100132                  GREEN LANTERN #57 (BRIGHTEST DAY)                 $2.99

DEC090312                 HEROES OF THE DCU BIZARRO BUST  $70.00 – If me had no money, me would not ever buy this.

JUL100122                  JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION LOST #9 (BRIGHTEST DAY)                  $2.99 – Hear that? It’s the sound of a dead horse being beaten…

MAY100189                 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA TEAM HISTORY HC                $19.99

JUL100222                  LOONEY TUNES #190                $2.99

JUL100169                  MIGHTY CRUSADERS #3 (OF 6)                 $3.99

JUL100235                  RATCHET AND CLANK #1 (OF 6)               $3.99

JUL100152                  RED ROBIN #16        $2.99 – This book I love. I think Tim’s an amazing character and I love seeing him in action.

JUN100207                 RED ROBIN COLLISION TP     $19.99

JUL100217                  SCOOBY DOO WHERE ARE YOU #1         $2.99

JUN100214                  SUPERMAN NEW KRYPTON TP VOL 02 $17.99 – Great story, pick up the TPB if you missed it.

JUN100255                 SUPERNATURAL BEGINNINGS END TP                     $14.99

JUL100133                  WEIRD WAR TALES #1              $3.99

JUL100234                  WELCOME TO TRANQUILITY ONE FOOT GRAVE #3 (OF 6)  $3.99 – I loved the original series, so I’ll always give another series a try.


JUL100333                  5 DAYS TO DIE #2 (OF 5)           $3.99

JUL100323                  DOCTOR WHO ONGOING #15                     $3.99

JUN100379                 DRAGON AGE #4      $3.99

JUL100305                  GI JOE #22                  $3.99 – I heard this was more awful than normal awful G.I. Joe comics. Is Chuck Dixon still writing it?

JUL100311                   GI JOE OPERATION HISS TP VOL 01       $19.99

JUL100319                  JAMES PATTERSONS MURDER OF KING TUT #4  $3.99

JUL100343                  KILL SHAKESPEARE #5            $3.99

JUN100357                 LAST UNICORN #3  $3.99 – I have to admit, I’ve been picking this up. I love the art and the story.

JUN100377                 PANTHEON #5          $3.99

JUL100370                  SINGULARITY 7 TP (NEW PTG)                  $19.99

JUL100327                  STAR TREK CAPTAINS LOG PIKE #1        $3.99

JUL100354                  STARSTRUCK #13 (OF 13)         $3.99

JUN100324                 TRANSFORMERS BEST OF MEGATRON TP              $19.99

JUL100289                  TRANSFORMERS DRIFT #1 (OF 4)            $3.99

MAY100403                X-9 SECRET AGENT CORRIGAN TP VOL 01               $49.99

JUN100388                 ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS AVENTURE HC    $24.99


FEB100412                  BROKEN TRINITY PANDORAS BOX #3 (OF 6)         $3.99

MAY100428                DAWN NOT TO TOUCH EARTH (ONE SHOT) (RES)                  $5.99

JUL100397                  IMAGE FIRSTS LIBERTY MEADOWS #1 $1.00 – One of my favorite series of all time. If you liked Bloom County, check this out. It’s a lot of fun.


OCT090430                 SPAWN #199               $2.99 – I can’t believe someone still buys this.

JUL100428                  WALKING DEAD 2011 CALENDAR            $14.99


JUN100542                 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #641 $3.99 – It’s embarrassing to say how far behind in Amazing Spider-Man I am. I’ll say it, the last issue I read was #589 and they’ve been stacking up…

JUL100529                  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #642 $2.99

JUL100502                  ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN WOLVERINE DIRECTORS CUT #1              $4.99

JUL100638                  DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #1                  $3.99 – Darkverine in his own all new series. What will he do to piss of Logan next? Maybe he’ll get a Mohawk. Oh wait… maybe he’ll get a piercing! Kids these days!

JUL100568                  DAREDEVIL #510 SL                  $2.99 – Matt’s definitely lost it. I love seeing Iron Fist and the gang trying to get Matt to no longer be crazy.

JUL100522                  DEADPOOL CORPS #6               $2.99

JUL100584                  HEROIC AGE ONE MONTH TO LIVE #2 (OF 5)        $2.99 – Interesting concept. Still on the fence about picking it up.


JUL100588                 INVADERS NOW #1 (OF 5)       $3.99

JUL100599                  INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #30   $2.99 – This is the last chance this book has for me. I’m getting bored. I normally <3 Matt Fraction, but… Rescue? I mean, c’mon!!

JUL100678                  INVINCIBLE IRON MAN PREM HC VOL 05 RESILIENT BK 01                   $19.99

JUL100551                  NEW AVENGERS #4                    $3.99 – Yay! Bendis! Bendis! Bendis!

JUL100698                  NEW MUTANTS TP VOL 02 NECROSHA $16.99 – I’m loving this book. Best X-Book out there.

JUL100518                  ORSON SCOTT CARDS ENDER IN EXILE #4 (OF 5)                    $3.99

JUN100675                 OZ WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ TP GN                   $19.99 – I love the art but was never that into the story. I didn’t even like Wicked.

JUL100697                  PRIDE AND PREJUDICE GN TP                 $14.99 – It was a fun shortening up of my favorite book.

JUL100706                  RUNAWAYS LIVE FAST TP       $16.99 – I need more Runaways, dammit!

JUL100572                  SHADOWLAND BLOOD ON STREETS #2 (OF 4) SL                    $3.99  – Great series so far

JUL108012                  SHADOWLAND BULLSEYE #1 2ND PTG CHEN VAR (PP #933)                  $3.99

JUL100675                  SIEGE DARK AVENGERS PREM HC         $24.99

JUL100703                  SPIDER-MAN FEVER TP           $14.99

JUL100689                  SUPER HERO SQUAD TP SQUAD UP DIGEST          $9.99 – I can’t help it. I love this show.

JUL100619                  THANOS IMPERATIVE #4 (OF 6)               $3.99

JUN100615                  THOR #614                  $3.99 – This book is SOOOOOOO amazing. Since the relaunch, I haven’t been disappointed in one issue.

JUL100617                  THOR MIGHTY AVENGER #4 $2.99

JUL100525                  ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 3 #2 (OF 6)             $3.99 – Oh no. Not more!

JUL100692                  WOLVERINE OLD MAN LOGAN TP          $29.99 – Okay, so there was all this hype about this story and despite my normal aversion to Mark Millar, I picked it up and read it. And you know what? I thought the ending sucked. There. I said it.

JUL100693                  WOLVERINE OLD MAN LOGAN TP TURNER DM VAR ED      $29.99

JUL100647                  X-FORCE SEX AND VIOLENCE #3 (OF 3)                   $3.99 – Wolverine: Domino, you are one crazy bitch. People are trying to kill us. Domino: I know, let’s have sex! And then there’ll be some violence! Wolverine: Oh Domino, I’m glad everyone has the same expectations from this comic as they do from an action movie!

JUL100621                  X-MEN #3                    $3.99 – Fuck vampires. Seriously.

JUL100649                  X-MEN FOREVER 2 #7               $3.99 – And this series will go on forever.



JUN100830                 28 DAYS LATER #14                    $3.99

JUL101153                   ALISON DARE HEART OF THE MAIDEN TP             $10.95

JUL101152                   ALISON DARE LITTLE MISS ADVENTURES TP       $10.95

JUL101081                  ANGEL AFTER THE FALL NDC VAR CVR SET #1-12                   $49.99

JUL100777                  ARCHIE & FRIENDS #147         $2.99

JUL100778                  ARCHIE DIGEST #267                $2.69

JUL100983                  BERLIN TP BOOK 01 NEW PTG                  $22.95

JAN101126                   BIG ADVENTURES OF MAJOKO GN VOL 04 (OF 5)                    $7.99

JUN101153                  BLEACH TP VOL 32 $9.99

JUN101190                  CACTUS SECRET GN VOL 03   $9.99

JUL100861                  CALLING CTHULHU CHRONICLES #3    $3.99

JUN101037                  CIVIL WAR ADVENTURE GN VOL 02 POINT 1         $4.95

JUL100939                  CLASSIC RED SONJA REMASTERED #4 $3.99 – Back when she had clothes on!

JUL100856                  COMIC BOOK GUY THE COMIC BOOK #3 (OF 5)     $2.99

JUN101099                  COMPLETE HARLEM HEROES TP           $25.50

APR101013                  DOMINO LADY NOIR                 $3.50

JUL100869                  FARSCAPE SCORPIUS #5          $3.99

MAY101012                 FROM SHADOW TO LIGHT GN MORT MESKIN      $39.99

MAY101102                 FURRLOUGH #190  $9.99 – Only the creepiest of creeps buy this comic.

JUL100724                  GLAMOURPUSS #15                    $3.00

JUN100724                 GOLD DIGGER BOOKS OF MAGIC #2       $3.99

JUN100943                 GREEN HORNET GOLDEN AGE REMASTERED #2                    $3.99

MAY100930                GREEN HORNET STRIKES #3 $3.99

JUN100937                 GREEN HORNET YEAR ONE #5                 $3.99

APR101160                  GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 A CVR RIO      $4.99

APR101161                   GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 B CVR EBAS GATEFOLD                   $5.99

APR101162                   GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 C CVR FRANCHESCO     $4.99

APR101163                   GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 D CVR MEDINA               $4.99

JUN101203                  GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 HAITI RELIEF LTD CVR                   $20.00 – Only 5 covers? That’s it?

JUL101159                   HELL HOUSE GN     $9.95

JUN101194                  HOSHIN ENGI TP VOL 20         $9.99

MAY101045                 I AM LEGION DLX HC                $29.95 – At some point, this stopped making sense

APR101221                   IMAGINALIS YR NOVEL            $16.99

JUN100867                 INCREDIBLES #13   $2.99

JUL100872                  IRREDEEMABLE #17                 $3.99 –  Yay Mark Waid!

JUL100943                  JOHN MOORE PRESENTS DEAD SOLDIER #1 (OF 4)               $3.99

JUN101101                  JUDGE DREDD COMPLETE CASE FILES TP VOL 16                  $31.50

MAY100734                 LAST ZOMBIE #2 (OF 5)            $3.99

JUN101159                  LEGEND OF ZELDA GN VOL 10 (OF 10) $7.99

JUN101187                  LIBRARY WARS GN VOL 02     $9.99

JUN100760                 LIFE WITH ARCHIE MARRIED LIFE #2 $3.99 – Does this need an ongoing series or has Archie Comics finally decided they’ve run out of stories involving teenagers? Now onto wacky adult hijinks!

JUL100985                  LOUIS RIEL A COMIC STRIP BIOGRAPHY TP (NEW PTG)       $17.95

JUN100745                 LUCID #1 (OF 4)        $3.95

FEB100658                 MECHA-NATION #1 (OF 3) CVR B GREG GULER    $3.95

FEB101103                  MEGA MAN MEGAMIX GN VOL 02 (OF 3)                  $12.95

APR101106                  MEGA MAN ZX GN VOL 02 (OF 2)             $12.95

JUN101112                   MODESTY BLAISE TP VOL 18 SWEET CAROLINE  $19.95

MAY101076                 NANCY DREW GN VOL 21         $8.99

JAN101127                   NINJA BASEBALL KYUMA GN VOL 03 (OF 3)          $7.99

JUN100947                 PAT LEE WIDOW WARRIORS #2               $3.99

JUN101196                  RASETSU GN VOL 06                  $9.99

MAY100944                 RED SONJA #51        $3.99

APR101126                   RIN-NE GN VOL 04 $9.99

JUN101197                  SAND CHRONICLES GN VOL 09                 $9.99

JUN100739                 SCRATCH 9 #1 (OF 4)                  $3.95

JUL101100                  SHADRACH STONE THE BIG MAN GN   $19.95

JUN101154                  SHAMAN KING TP VOL 30       $9.99

JUN101157                  SHONEN JUMP OCTOBER 2010                $4.99

MAR100695                SHREK #1 (OF 4)      $3.95 – No. No. No.

APR101071                  SIMON & KIRBY SUPERHEROES HC       $49.95

JUL101087                  SIXTH GUN #4           $3.99

JUL100790                  SONIC UNIVERSE #20               $2.99

JUN101198                  ST DRAGON GIRL GN VOL 08 $9.99

MAY100955                 STARGATE DANIEL JACKSON #2              $3.99


JUN101155                  TEGAMI BACHI GN VOL 03     $9.99

JUN101156                  TORIKO GN VOL 02                     $9.99

MAR100823                TOY STORY #6           $2.99 – Someone’s poisoned the water hole!

JUN101151                   TWIN SPICA GN VOL 03            $10.95

JUL100901                  UNCLE SCROOGE #395              $2.99

JUN101055                  VAMPIRE PA #2 (OF 3)              $3.99

MAY101047                 WHISPERS IN WALLS #2 (OF 6)                 $3.50

JUN100725                 WOMEN OF GOLD DIGGER #1                   $3.50

JUL101198                   ZENESCOPE EXC CVR SET       $40.00


MAY101240                 CLASSIC MARVEL FIG COLL MAG #129 ANT MAN $12.00 – This are made of lead. Don’t suck on them.

JUN101238                  CLASSIC MARVEL FIG COLL MAG SPECIAL RONAN                  $24.00

MAY101249                 DC SUPERHERO FIG COLL MAG #61 ADAM STRANGE             $14.00

MAY101250                 DC SUPERHERO FIG COLL MAG #62 RED ARROW                    $14.00

JUN101258                  DR WHO MAGAZINE #425       $8.40

JUN101267                  FANGORIA #297 OCT 2010       $8.99

MAY101272                 HOBBY JAPAN AUG 2010         $12.99

JUN101268                  HORRORHOUND #25                $6.99

JUN101098                 JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #301              $11.99

APR101235                  MEGAMI JUL 2010  $17.99

APR101236                  NEWTYPE JUL 2010                   $13.99

JUN101269                  RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE #104                $9.95

JUN101293                  STARGATE MAGAZINE #36     $6.99

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