Very few women can kick butt, get sweaty, and still look good doing it; Milla Jovovich is certainly one of them!  A model turned actress who loves video games… and no, you guys aren’t dreaming, she’s REAL!  At the recent Comic-Con she sat down to talk about the Resident Evil franchise and about kicking ass and taking names.  Milla covers everything from talking about here high flying wire stunt work on the film to getting punched in the face a few times.  Talk about 3D action… damn!  However, the most interesting and compelling part of her interview is when she discusses the importance of her character Alice and her commitement to be a strong female character.  Jovovoich comments:

“Resident Evil’ has always been an independent movie, which I think is very special about it. It’s not a studio

concoction. We started as a tiny, little European action film, and everybody involved, Paul, myself and

Michelle Rodriguez, were into the game. That was the birth of this franchise. It was just people who really

love the games, who really love the characters, and love to kick butt and take no prisoners, and girls enjoying

taking on these tough parts.

It’s always great for women to be given strong parts and be believable in them. The fact that we

are promoting the fourth film is a real testament to the passion we put into the movies and to the love, and

the hard work, and the excitement we have filming them.

In Japan, literally 95 percent of the viewers are girls that go see these movies, and in America it’s the

opposite. Girls in Tokyo really, really need these strong role models, where I think women in

America think the films are too violent. Japanese girls are normally so polite and so quiet that they

need that outlet.”…

So ok I’m not trying to be NerdBastard’s resident feminist, but it is empowering to seeing women taking charge like this and executing strong female values.  In today’s society it seems like a lot of women are content with being passive and not going for what they want in life.  Ladies take note: this is one cool with a great message!  And men, are you really gonna argue with Milla?  She’s hot, and can probably kick your ass!  Also, check out a great video of Milla’s interview for the latest film of the Resident Evil franchise and see just how cool she really is!  

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