Holy shit guys, it’s happening.  It’s really happening!  The much anticipated and long awaited, although never thought to actually come to fruition; Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, is FINALLY here!  All the details were laid out for us on of all shows, Good Morning America?  Oh well, at least we have some details on this thing.  So U2’s Bono and the Edge sat down along with Julie Taymor to relay specifics about the musical.  So here’s what we know.  A guy named Reeve Carney is playing our beloved Peter Parker (who has an uncanny resemblance to Jared Leto).  In addition to that, Julie Taymor showed off some pics of the costumes.  One of which is the Green Goblin and another is of a villain who’s suit is made of knives!  This character, Swiss Miss,  is one of the new characters that has been added for the theatrical portrayal of the Spider-Man story.  The way it is explained was basically this is going to be Broadway’s way of topping the 3D experience of Avatar and giving it the middle finger by creating elaborate Pop-Up sets for NYC and the OsCorp Lab.  All in all this sounds pretty nifty.  Hopefully it will come together nicely.  So folks, all I have to say is between this and the reboot will we all be on Spidey overload?  Check out photos after the jump.


Green Goblinspiderman-musical-green-gob

Swiss Miss

NYC Setspiderman-musical-ny-set

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