NerdBastard Gives Back!! Contest CLOSED!!

300bWe appreciate our readers. A lot. And for all of you in our Nerdbastard Atmosphere you know that our Nerd Question of the week sometimes comes hand in hand with a cool prize or shwag bag! So this is our first foray into giving away a prize strictly for your writing prowess!

We do not beat around the bush here, so without further ado, The Question; Write to us Why You deserve The Prize

The most unique and entertaining entry will win the BIG PRIZE!! Enter to win at or in the comment boxes below. Make us piss our pants, or someone else’s, and you will win, No STRINGS ATTACHED… “The Spartan 300 Replica Sword” !!

Congrats to Mr.Negativity138, Your Awesome Answer has Won You The 300 Replica Sword!!!

****Obviously the disclaimer is as follows, This sword is for mounting on the wall and for replica use only, Nerdbastards holds no responsibility for you and your dumb ass  buddies having a Spartan VS Jedi Fight!! Once delivered, the gift is yours to entertain the masses with.SAFELY. That is our manifesto.****

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