Lord of the Rings: Boyz N The Ring


So, here’s a an amusing idea. What would happen if Gandalf brought gangstas to middle earth?  It’s an idea that we’ve all thought of (or at least I have), but only one that youtube sensation PistolShrimps has brought to life.  They digital imposed their OG selves into key scenes of LOTR and let the ‘Street’ shenanigans commence.

To tell the truth, the idea here was better than the execution.

Seriously, gangstas don’t use MP5K’s and M9s…Fake and Inaccurate. Also, you’d think that Gandalf would have enough summoning power to conjure up some real black people, rather than white, wannabe OG’s. And, why gangstas? One does not simply walk into Mordor with a glock held sideways. There is like 10 Orcs to every man. Black or white, accuracy is kinda important. Regardless, I guess this just means  the ‘G’ in Gandalf confirms what we always knew. It stands for Gangsta.

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