And so ends another season of “True Blood,” and the finale that aired earlier tonight was definitely something else. I do not know exactly what I was expecting, but it certainly was not this. This was a season, and finale, of missed opportunities.

As I have stated before in previous reviews, this season has lacked a genuine threat that arches over the entire season. We had Renee, the vampire hater, in season one, and Maryanne, the maenad, in season two. But what was there is season three:
Werewolves? No, they were portrayed as relatively easy to kill and ignorant rednecks
Russell? He talked big game, but didn’t actually become a threat until the latter half of the season, and when that happened, he really didn’t do much when all is said and done.

But, to be fair, we did get some continuation (but not resolution) to most of the major storylines. Of course, the writer’s could not tie everything in a neat little bow, because there has to be a draw to watch season 4.

The episode started off with Godric appearing in a vision to Eric, pleading him to let Russell go. Did Godric not know Eric at all? He’d been carrying around that grudge for hundreds of years, and wasn’t going to let it go because he asked!

Eric’s stubborn nature lead to Sookie using her light-beam powers to free them, and giving Eric more of her blood to heal, before bringing Russell back inside. The make-up on Russell was actually quite impressive, even if it did at some points cause him to resemble a charcoal briquette.

After a quick nap, Eric moved Russell to a construction site and buried him under concrete. Bill, sensing his moment, trapped Eric as well. But, somehow, Eric escaped and told Sookie that Bill was sent by the Queen to seduce her, as well as he had paid men to beat her up prior to their first meeting. Sookie then promptly banished them both from her house, leaving Bill to promise to kill everyone who knows she’s a fairy, starting with the Queen.

Sam told Tara that he’s a shapeshifter, and then ran after his money stealing brother. Did Sam shoot him? I think in the leg is more likely, or maybe the bag, but there is no way Sam killed him. Too bad, as that was a missed opportunity for Sam to go completely off the reservation.

Meanwhile, Tara left. She cut her hair and left town. Also, Lafayette started seeing more freaky things and learned his boyfriend Jesus is a witch. Honestly, did anyone care about his, Tara’s or Sam’s storyline this season? I thought not.

In a very funny scene, Hoyt’s “loved ones” gave him an intervention about his relationship with Jessica. Of course, it didn’t take, and his mom seems to have taken that failure rather harshly. But, Hoyt bought Jessica a house, and they seem to be in a very happy place.

However, in tv shows like this one, happiness doesn’t last for very long. Hoyt’s momma seemed very determined to use that gun, and what was with that weird doll in their new house?

While all this was happening, Jason decided to rescue the Meth were-panther people, and in doing so, caused Crystal to drive away with a V crazed hillbilly. I hope Jason finds Crystal quickly, as I would really like to see that relationship develop into more than it currently is. But there was no more mention of the people being were-panthers. What happened to that?

And lastly, Sookie saw Alcide again after throwing the remains of Russell’s lover into the garbage disposal (her evil laugh was great, but quite out of character). Alcide was pretty close to telling her his true feelings, but she shot him down. So, she was all alone and visited Gran’s grave. And, in doing so, got to apparently go live in the land of the fairies.

Finally, it is time for the three best lines in this episode of True Blood (and there were many to choose from).
3) “I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin again … maybe I’ll get a yacht” – Queen Sophie Anne on anticipating becoming a day walker from drinking fairy blood
2) “I hope you killed him, as I will never get all that cement out of my hair” – Pam after escaping Bill’s attempt to kill her
1) “You just rationalized all the need for law enforcement!” – Sheriff Andy after Jason suggested letting all the Meth kids go and keep selling drugs

This episode had some really good moments, but I found the season was all together lacking. The promise of werewolves fell short, and there was no unifying bad person on the show to bring all the characters together. Also, some of the storylines (Tara, Sam and later on in the season, Lafayette) did not grab the audience, and caused the show to fall flat whenever they were shown.

Therefore, I am going to give “Evil is Going On” seven and a half pints of blood out of ten. While the entire third season gets a firm seven pints.

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