Well folks…Alan Moore is at it again. And by at it again, I mean being a pretentious prick!  Yes, Alan Moore is so infuriating that he makes me use alliteration.  Recently, Moore had some choice words when talking about not wanting the rights  back to Watchmen.  To this Moore said…

“I don’t want to see it prostituted and made into a run of cheap books that are nothing like the original WATCHMEN which, anyway, wouldn’t work if it was dismantled.  Those characters only work as an ensemble.  A comic book about Doctor Manhattan would be really obtuse and boring.  A comic book about Rorschach would be really miserable.  They only work together in WATCHMEN, although I’m sure there are perhaps people out there in the industry who would like to be the artist or writer on some WATCHMEN prequel or sequel simply to have their name attached to a successful property for once. When Dave Gibbons phoned me up, he assured me that these prequels and sequels would be handled by ‘the industry’s top-flight talents’.  Now, I don’t think that the contemporary industry actually has a ‘top-flight’ of talent.  I don’t think it’s even got a middle-flight or a bottom-flight of talent.  I mean, like I say, there may be people out there who would still be eager to have their name attached to WATCHMEN even if it was in terms of “Yes, these are the people who murdered WATCHMEN”. I don’t want to see that happen.

And to Moore my response is…GET OVER YOURSELF!  After reading both V for Vendetta as well as Watchmen and then accompanying them with the film adaptations and in both cases the films tend to reign superior.  Now this is not to say Moore does not write brilliant stories but he doesn’t quite bring them to life where as the film adaptations succeeded at this.  In V for Vendetta for example it was far more compelling and interesting to see brought to life through Natalie Portman.

Moore continues to drone on about the idea of how much better he is than well…everyone else and continues to makes digs toward DC by saying that Marvel,  “has a much larger raft of marketable characters.”  Now that’s really adding insult to injury! It just seems like Moore should really get over this whole “the writer as God” complex that he possesses.  In the end, is Moore’s work really too intelligent and unable to be throughly dissected and brought to the big screen or is he simply just a snob?


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