Mad Men Star to “Hamm it Up” as Superman?

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Don Draper as Superman?  Maybe.  Right now it is rumored that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is being consider for the role of the Man of Steel in the upcoming Superman reboot.  Which, after seeing the first one, a reboot may sorely be needed.  Now it is understandable that Hamm may be too old for the role and this might be a total stunt on the producer’s end to get a hot star’s name behind the film.  Even if this is a stunt, it’s a pretty good one!  Nowadays, who doesn’t want to see badass Jon Hamm dominate and do his thing on the screen?

Despite Hamm’s age he certainly looks the part.  He’s nerdy and can certainly play the bumbling Clark Kent.  However, Hamm also has the muscular build like the character.  Hamm’s looks and acting ability are a lethal and tremendous combination.  He can certainly command the screen and hopefully can add some life to the Superman franchise and revive it.


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