Take a Look at James Gunn’s ‘Super’


We’re you a fan of Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass? The answer better be yes, or you can flock yourself with a spiked dildo. Well, in the style of “average joe becomes a vigilante” comes James Gunn‘s (Slither) Super.  The film stars Rainn Wilson as a man who decides to become a super hero after a series of events which include his wife (played by Liv Tyler) leaving him for Kevin Bacon, literally being touched by the finger of God in a dream, and seeing a morally-preachy superhero named the Holy Avenger (played by Nathan Fillion) on catholic television. Rounding out the cast is Ellen Page, who plays Wilson know-nothing, immature, vulgar sidekick.

From what we hear, based on early reviews, Super is like what would happen if Kick-Ass was a Troma film (low budget, cult films from humor-gore director Lloyd Kaufman). It’s a film about a weirdo who smacks people in the head with a wrench in the name of justice. It’s slapstick humor, that tips into the realm of dark comedy. Eh, I guess all you really need to know is that it features a potty-mouthed Ellen Page in a superhero costume (HAWT) and stars that guy from The Office.

To get a better idea if this is a movie you should put on your watch list, then check out the clip below. It highlights the real-world effects of fighting evil (NSFW Language).

Super screened at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and was very well received. No word on when it will be released theatrically, but IFC films bought it and hopes to market it to the cultfilm fan base (straight to DVD, presumably).

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