WTF!!! Mr. Popo Is Now Blue!?!


What in the blue hell is this? After all these years, they now decide to edit Mr. Popo’s appearance? Now, Dragon Ball Z was always edited on TV for the blood, violence, and sometimes nudity. 14 years ago, when Dragon Ball Z first aired, Mr. Popo always appeared as the black genie-esque servant of Kami. Now fast forward to 2010, after Dragon Ball Z Kai’s premiere on NickToons with pretty much the same edits mentioned earlier, we still get the good old Mr. Popo in his regular form. But, for some reason, couple months later with CW’s airing of DBZ Kai, we get an even more edited version of the show.

What else was edited you ask, well, bullets turned into laser, Vegeta was eating a blue fruit instead of some alien hand, and Goku’s halo was turned into some glowing orb above his head. But if you ask me, this whole Mr. Popo edited to a blue being is a little too much. Why change his look now? I know this isn’t the first time this station has changed the skin tone of an anime character but this, this is a bit much. What do you guys think? Do you think I’m over reacting or do you think CW and Funimation may have gone a bit too far with this one? Check the video out and tell us what you think.

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