A couple of months ago, Marvel, in it’s effort to push their characters onto the silverscreen (that’s T.V. folks) hired Jeph Loeb as Executive Vice President, Head of Television, a newly created division of Marvel Entertainment to translate it’s characters and stories to the television medium, in both live-action and animation formats. Loeb is primarily known as a comic book writer with several titles to his credit, including “Batman: The Long Halloween,” “Spider-Man: Blue” and the adjective-less “Hulk” title. However, Loeb has worked extensively on television series, including “Lost,” “Heroes” and “Smallville.” Additionally, Loeb wrote the films “Commando” and “Teen Wolf” back in the ’80s. Anyway, since that ground breaking news, we haven’t heard much on the subject. Well, in the following video interview, Marvel Editor-In-Chief, and newly appointed Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada talks more about these plans and assure inquiring fans that the company is still considering a live action series. He, however still remained elusive as to what and who exactly will feature in such a project.

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Not a earth shattering update by any means, but at least it’s something. While, it seems like they are sitting on their hands and leaving their television plans in limbo I’m fairly confident they are just taking the time to figure out what projects to pursue first and plotting out what initial approaches they should take to get a good footing in the market.Particularly being under the Disney umbrella, they have a cavalcade of opportunities. They want to play things right.


From an animation stand point, Marvel is sure to get back into the swing of things. They’ve had a number of success’s, particularly with the fan favorite “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” animated series, of the 90’s. So, they are certainly no stranger to delivering high quality animation that respects their own source material.The real wonder is what they are going to do live-action wise. They’ve yet to find success in this area. Anyone remember, the short lived, “Mutant X” and “Blade” series? That’s right, you don’t, because they sucked. And, besides the 70’s “Amazing Spider-man” and “The Incredible Hulk” series they pretty much have no live-action television cred.

Now that super-hero films are reaching their peak, culturally, it’s time to shift gears and explore the relatively untouched T.V. market. DC comics has already got their foot in the door with it’s acclaimed “Smallville” series. Marvel needs to get their ass in gear if they want to be king of the hill. The have a number of comics series at their disposal that could easily lend themselves to a mass market television series. Namely, “Daredevil”, “Heroes for Hire”, “Moon Knight”, “Punisher”. Heck, Moon Knight and Daredevil play on the Law and Order appeal. That’s your mass appeal right there.

Here’s hoping the Jeff Loeb and the rest of the Marvel T.V. department know what they are doing, and make this wait worth it.

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