A Monster Movie – Without a Monster Budget


Monsters is a British Science Fiction film being brought to us by director Gareth Edwards.  The plot entails the journey of photojournalist Andrew as he attempts to safely guide his employer’s daughter Samantha across the vast landscape of Central America that is loaded with monsters and contains an “infected zone”.    Also during this time, a wall is being built in order to keep the “monsters” out of America.

Although the story is simplistic, therein lies the beauty of it!  It has a Zombieland presence (small cast, infected world of monster) and it possesses a more serious undertone.  What really makes this movie great isn’t the plot or the actors since they are unknown but rather, the low budget that made this film a possibility! While still looking gripping and gorgeous, Monsters was made with a budget of only $15,000.  Not millions.  Thousands!  Hopefully, this movie will end up being badass and well received like an earlier low budget film with political undertone – District 9.  Check out the Movie Poster, Trailer and a ‘How it was Made’ guide to the movie here!


Monsters Movie Postermonsters-movie-poster-338x500

Monsters Movie Trailer

Monster: How it was Made Guide

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