Abenzio499 was a man (okay, more like a kid) on a mission. What kind of mission you ask? The kid was looking for a Shiny Ponyta to add to his collection due to its unique Flash Fire ability. Well, after about 8 months of searching and going through 25, 968 random encounters with three Pokemon games (2 FireRed’s, 1 LeafGreen), Albenzio499 finds his altered color Ponyta at the 40 second mark and he goes NUTS.

If you don’t know what a Shiny Pokemon is, which was introduce during the second generation of games, is a Pokemon that would have a different color scheme and would have a shine of stars around it when it shows up. Most gamers who played Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal should remember the Red Gyarados as that was pretty much the introduction of Shiny Pokemon. Apparently the chance of any Shiny Pokemon to show up randomly is 1/8192 unless you use a GameShark.

Check the video out as the kid’s reaction is priceless and for some reason, I feel happy for the kid as I understand how he felt when he found that Shiny Pokemon (I’ve personally spent over 200 hours Pokemon Sapphire). Of course, I doubt sex will ever live up to this moment for him.

Source: Geekosystem

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