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Everyone wishes they could be Tony Stark, the playboy genius that created Iron-man. He’s had the women, the suit, the booze! What do you have? None of that my friend but that’s all about to change thanks to Hollywood Collectibles Group:

“This fiberglass statue comes with a custom base and light-up chest, eyes, palms and base. While this Iron Man cannot fly, he will impress your friends and won’t need Tony Stark’s wallet to own it”!

That’s right, it your very own 1:1 scale Iron Man Mark VI suit that you can never wear. Standing in at a “Big Show” sized 7.32 feet, this statue really is everything and more. It looks awesome and pissed  off your friends. It even comes in a battle damaged version. The downside, it’s 4000 smackers! Yet, $4000 for a statue that lights up and collects dust in your house (unless you stocked up on turtle wax) If you can’t pay for it right now, contact your Swiss bank. I’m sure you have enough for one more random splurge. Take a look at this mountain of a fake metal man below, just avoid directly looking into the repulsor ray.

source: comicalliance


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