According to an interview with MTV, Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip [no really, look it up. I’m not kidding.]) says that his character, Hawkeye, will not sport his usual hideous purple accoutrement in the Avengers movie.

“I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based, you can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]’s character [in ‘Iron Man 2’], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing.”

A bit drafty, innit?

A bit drafty, innit?

I guess a confirmation is a bit of a relief, though I don’t think anyone was really expecting the costume to make it into the movie as-is; I mean, a purple costume with a pointy mask? And if that costume wouldn’t look bad enough, they’d have to be tripping balls to even think of using one of his other costumes.

Holy shit, Hawkeye. Really? This costume makes me think I should do another Top 10 list of shitty costumes and focus on Marvel this time.

I know things will come off better on the page than in reality in terms of superhero costumes, but sweet Mother Hubbard, how did that not set off any alarms for people?

Hawkeye, the free-balling bowman?

No, thank you.

(via ComicBookMovie)

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