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This is just s sad, disappointing story here on nerdbastards. While most mothers are healing scraped knees and feeding children healthy foods some had other plans. Eventually these plans resulted in a suspended jail sentence and banned from using a computer. The unnamed mother of three was charged with three charges of child cruelty and two of animal neglect. She was arrested after a neighbour looked in through her mail slot, saw the state of decay and filth and quickly notified the NSPCC and police. Upon trying to entering her kitchen, the woman tried blocking the police entry. When asked why she replied “All right, my dogs are in there. They are dead. I killed them. I probably starved them, probably because I have been playing the computer game all the time.”

Yes, PETA is all over this one. Police discovered the bodies of 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and lurcher dog decayed to the point that flies were around them. Deepak Kapur, prosecuting, was quoted as saying that police called the smell “…so overpowering, making the officers wretch”.

Her children aged 9, 10 and 13 were badly neglected for six months. The children had been given no hot food and force to eat cold baked beans from the can without spoons. It must have been hell to for these kids to see their mother become addicted to a computer game as rooms filled with garbage, mold and flies. Their mother had become hooked on a game that featured dwarfs and giants vying for control of a world that was simply to small to accommodate them all. This never would have happened if her friend had sent her an invitation on facebook. What started as an hour a day in late 2009 became an obsession where she was only getting sleep for two hours a night.

After all this she could have gotten help, but it only went further downhill from there. She began to feed her children food that didn’t need to be cooked like pot noodles, sandwiches, chips and pies. Her lawyer, Allan Compton said the woman had been a devoted and competent mother until tragedy struck with the death of her husband from a heart attack.

“She retreated into this virtual world provided by her laptop computer,” he said. She shut herself off from the outside world and operated in the real world on a very basic level.”

Judge Jeremy Carey sentenced the mother to six months imprisonment suspended for two years and ordered to do 75 hours of unpaid work. She was banned from keeping animals as well as having any internet access “to assist you to resist the temptation to return to this virtual world.”

“I am satisfied you have been a good mother but your life went very badly wrong when you became obsessed with the computer game.”

It’s a shame when something like this happens because of a tragedy. Hopefully she has since seen the error of her ways and it trying to become a better mother for the sake of her kids.


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