Our Legos, Racist? Say it Ain’t So!


Well who would have thought, our classic Legos would be evil little Hitler wanna be racist? I for one feel deceived by the beloved toy of my childhood! I spent hours toiling away building homes for these little bastards! So you’re probably just as shocked and hurt by this as me, to find out that this classic toy is not as nice as we thought. Recently, it has been brought to the forefront by artist Chris McVeigh. McVeigh comments, “Almost all non-white faces in Lego are scowling.”  Now suppsedly, the Lego company never meant to be exclusive but rather all inclusive in it’s depictions of it’s figures. “The yellow-headed minifigure was a conscious choice,” says Michael McNally, Lego’s brand relations manager. “Because of their ethnically neutral skin color, Lego people can be any people—in any story, at any time.”   Take a closer look at these figures and draw your own conclusions.


brown lego1



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