Prepare for Trouble! And make it double as what you see above is Team Rocket from a “leaked” live action Pokemon movie trailer. The trailer portrays the pocket monster world filled with guns and explosions, which I have to say the Voltorb scene was pretty cool. It’s almost as if Michael Bay got his hands on the project and the result is what you see in the trailer.

Let’s be honest, there is no freaking way that this can be an official movie as I doubt Nintendo would allow one of its big franchise be represented like this. Apparently the movie did have a full screening at Anime Evolution this year and the trailer is now hitting the web which is making everyone crap on Hollywood (oh wait, we already do that anyway). What do y’all think about the trailer? Do you want this to come out in some form for the public viewing or is this just too ridiculous for your liking? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

Source: GeekTyrant, Destructoid

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