” Hey Montel. Why aren’t we invited to your party? What are we? Al- Qaeda?

40-Year-Old Virgin Indian, Shelley Malil was convicted of attempted murder for slashing and stabbing his ex- girlfriend more than 20 times.
Last week, he claimed under oath that he stabbed Kendra Beebe repeatedly, but he didn’t know it was her. Yeah, but isn’t once or twice enough, no pun intended, but is that not a tad overkill? He “Thought” it was he, who was struck with something that felt like a cold granite counter top. So he claims he went “Bananas” with the blade.

So he breaks into HER home, which he was acquitted of. Thought “Oh No! Her new man is threatening me! And stabbed Her 21 times with a knife…Hmm Seems to me, WHILE he was stabbing her, her friend may have hit him with with something that felt like “Hard Granite Counter top”! Perhaps to inhibit the overzealous attempted murder. Which leads me to my next query; did the dude take his head and slam it over and over into the counter top? Or rip it off and slam him with it? Seems like a bullshit excuse to me. But by all means, after you break into an exes house and start acting wacky, if someone hits you with something stone, by all means guy, go batshit crazy attacking the WOMAN with a knife! **** (Last sentence was SARCASM)

Beebe was stabbed at her San Diego County home in August 2008 after Malil found her socializing with another man, David Maldonado. Malil reported he felt threatened and believed Maldonado was going to kill him. He recalls getting “hit from the back on the side of the head. It felt like cold granite counter top.”

Malil, who played one of Steve Carrell’s coworkers in the 2005 comedy, was also found guilty on charges of premeditated attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence, and assault on David Maldonado, who was with Beebe at her home. He faces 21 years to life in prison. (21 years, suffice it to say, just does not seem like enough years)


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