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It looks like Batman is now working with the American military. No, WayneTech hasn’t been working on its next conquest in military precision; this is all USA.
DARPA, the military’s R&D branch, has been working on its newest projects “BaTMAN and RoBIN,” and that’s not a spelling mistake. They are currently developing equipment they’ve called Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge, otherwise BATMAN. Yes, the spelling is way off on this one, it’d be known as BATMAK, but I guess they don’t use spell checker over there in R&D. Either that or they really have a hard-on for naming their multimillion dollar toys after the Dark Knight. It doesn’t end with just the name on this one however:
The BATMAN equipment actually involves using its own Bat Hook. batman_grapplinghook
“BATMAN does come equipped with a Bat Hook: a grappling hook that special operators can throw onto power lines in order to charge up their battery-powered communications equipment. According to a program engineer, the Bat Hook came about after a special operator observed that it would be “really cool” to design “‘Something like what Batman has on his belt that he can take out and wing it up to a power line and get power,'”
“Really cool to design,” more like WayneTech better watch its ass! While all these other sites are putting up the prototype design below, nerdbastards was able to clip the fence, sneak into some buildings and sleep with a few sexy guards to get a hold of the real design of what the Air Force’s BATMAN is actually going to look like! Get a hold of this BATMAN after the jump.
Special thanks to WayneTech Senior Vice President Lucius Fox for letting us “borrow” the final design:

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