You Too Can Act Like Michael Cera… But Would You Really Want To?

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Curly hair, inappropriate laugh, awkward gestures…repeat.  Follow this formula and you’ve got all you need to be the new Michael Cera.  So wait, where does one go to learn such difficult skills?  The Michael Cera School of Acting, of course.  This recent video post is certainly intended for all you Cera haters out there but can also be enjoyed by those who dig the guy as well.  Whether you like the guy or not it’s just WAY too easy to make fun of the dope!  In the end, what makes Cera great isn’t necessarily his acting ability; He has what I like to refer to as the “Nic Cage affect” where he ends up playing the same character in every film, but rather his uncanny ability to makes us laugh at him for who he truly is and that’s what is so charming about the guy.  So the question is, do you wanna be like Michael Cera?  If so, check out the video for some step by step directions on how to be a fucking klutzy goofball.

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